Is really not that bad this time around.

I do have a little, but it’s NOTHING like what it was with the other pregnancies.  I mean, I’m over 7 weeks pregnant and I can still function. (knock on wood) So, I’m happy.  Life is good.

I’m still looking for a doc in Nevada for when we move.  I’m excited to move. I’d like to have a homebirth, but we’re just uncertain right now.


I’m getting really excited about cloth diapering a newborn again.  Thanks to my knitting machine, I’m getting started on soakers, longies, and shorties already. 🙂

I’ve got something really cool in the works.  Can’t wait to share!

This was the pregnancy confirmation appt.

I saw Dr. Schattauer at Homefirst.  Overall, it was a nice appointment.  Everyone was really nice.  The doctor didn’t look at me like I had3 heads when I started nursing Jaxon.  It’s was a good thing.

Everything looks great.  I’m measuring right for what I’m supposed to be.

I got a folder of information about them and what to expect for birth and after birth.  And, the shocking sticker price for their services.  The physician fee, plus the home fee.  I didn’t realize that home fee would be out of pocket.

It’s not that big of a deal though, I’ll be in Nevada by the time I have to birth the baby.  I just really wanted the Homefirst experience.

I ran across this and thought it was so awesome, I had to share it with everyone else!!

THIS is a great breastfeeding in public video. Watch it, spread it around, pass it on, share the joy!

It’s a pretty cool place to check out! It’s new, but the idea is to get all the known scammers in one place.  So if you’ve been scammed by someone, and we’re not talking about getting a GUC instead of an EUC item.  Like, not getting anything, they disappeared off the face of the planet, did a chargeback after you sent the item, etc.  Head over to that site.  They’ve got an email address to send the info to.

I clean my living room.  Pick up all the toys.  Send the kids to their room so I can vacuum, and what happens???


So, I get to clean again.  And as tired as I am, it’s not going to be fun!

Well, nothing is changed.  I’m still just a tired crabby pregnant lady. 🙂

My head has been spinning with all my thoughts lately.  I’m thinking of names, whether it’s a boy or girl, what I need to knit for diaper covers, how many diapers I’d like to sew, etc.  My mind is moving so fast.  I wish I could take advantage of the time right now to knit, but I have lots of other things to get knitted up first.

I can’t believe how much I’ve been anticipating this pregnancy.  Call me crazy, but my favorite part is giving birth.  It’s such an event, and usually a lot less stressful than my pregnancy.