So, I’ve been totally neglecting my blog…. and I should really keep up.

I’m in the last days of my pregnancy. 5 days left until I reach my due date!! I’m getting pretty excited.

The birth tub is set up. I’ve got my birth kit. I’ve got almost everything ready to go, just need to get some cleaning done.  One bathroom done, every other room in the house to go.

Aside from constantly having leukocytes show up during my urine test, everything else seems to be going well.  I’m healthy.  I haven’t gained too much weight. No high blood pressure.  No elevated blood sugars.

The baby’s heart rate is fine.  Consistently in the 140s lately.  She’s growing nicely. And before I forget… submit your guess!

It’s really happening… and sometime soon. Oh, and here’s one of those pregnancy photos I promised.  I’ll be posting them all in one post so you can see the progression soon. 🙂


I’m so excited! My birth pool arrived yesterday. I got the Sevylor Electra!

Now that I’m 27 weeks, I’m realizing I’ve got to get moving on these things. I’ve still got a few more supplies to get before the waterbirth will be a go.

1. To fill and drain the pool, I will need 2 aquarium hoses (which is drinking-water quality & 25ft).
2. A faucet adapter for the faucet in your sink to attach the hose.
3. A fill and drain pump. (1300 Water Pump)
4. A fishy net.
5. Floating thermometer.
6. Tarp.

And that will be my birth pool kit. 🙂

Is really not that bad this time around.

I do have a little, but it’s NOTHING like what it was with the other pregnancies.  I mean, I’m over 7 weeks pregnant and I can still function. (knock on wood) So, I’m happy.  Life is good.

I’m still looking for a doc in Nevada for when we move.  I’m excited to move. I’d like to have a homebirth, but we’re just uncertain right now.

Well, nothing is changed.  I’m still just a tired crabby pregnant lady. 🙂

My head has been spinning with all my thoughts lately.  I’m thinking of names, whether it’s a boy or girl, what I need to knit for diaper covers, how many diapers I’d like to sew, etc.  My mind is moving so fast.  I wish I could take advantage of the time right now to knit, but I have lots of other things to get knitted up first.

I can’t believe how much I’ve been anticipating this pregnancy.  Call me crazy, but my favorite part is giving birth.  It’s such an event, and usually a lot less stressful than my pregnancy.

I have been tired, but no morning sickness. Considering I’m only a few weeks along, about 4.5, I know I’m not out of the clear, but I can hope, right?

Meanwhile, I’m still nursing Jaxon, but hoping to wean him soon. I have a history of preterm labor, so it worries me to continue breastfeeding while pregnant. I’ll be going to see my doctor in a few days and update then.

Cassie is having a baby.

My due date is 13 October 08.

I’ll blog about how things go during this pregnancy, without getting too personal or revealing too much info.

Feel free to comment if you’d like.