My little princess has really grown.  I decided not to post until it had been 6 months so I could really absorb all that happened and ruminate about it alone.

I would NEVER change my choice to give birth to Kellianne at home.  I enjoyed my homebirth, I truly did.  There were some unexpected things that I wish I’d been aware of before that day, but never thought I needed to ask.  I never thought I would have to ask that my birth remain a private matter.  I didn’t expect to send my children away and welcome the children of others.  In the moment, I didn’t want to be upset and just kind of went with it.  But, I have pondered about that many times.  It was definitely best not to have my kids here with my midwife’s child.  I would not want myself, or her, tending to the needs of children and their squabbles.

I think I just should have shopped around a bit more.  I don’t think our compatability went into the hiring of her as much as her price did.  It was an amazing price.  If I had to choose again, I would have figured out a way to come up with a few more hundred dollars to pay for who I thought was the right midwife.

In the end, everything turned out well.  I have a healthy, happy, sweet girl.  She is still nursing and doing a great job.  She’s started eating solid foods recently as well.

Want to see a recent pic??

I am still growing every day as a mother.  I am learning tons from my children and am sooo appreciative of them.  Will there be a number 4??? Only time will tell, but 3 is definitely a handful.