So, I’ve been totally neglecting my blog…. and I should really keep up.

I’m in the last days of my pregnancy. 5 days left until I reach my due date!! I’m getting pretty excited.

The birth tub is set up. I’ve got my birth kit. I’ve got almost everything ready to go, just need to get some cleaning done.  One bathroom done, every other room in the house to go.

Aside from constantly having leukocytes show up during my urine test, everything else seems to be going well.  I’m healthy.  I haven’t gained too much weight. No high blood pressure.  No elevated blood sugars.

The baby’s heart rate is fine.  Consistently in the 140s lately.  She’s growing nicely. And before I forget… submit your guess!

It’s really happening… and sometime soon. Oh, and here’s one of those pregnancy photos I promised.  I’ll be posting them all in one post so you can see the progression soon. 🙂